Lit Flips


Flip-flops known as the affordable, waterproof, feel good, go anywhere footwear, that makes you feel like you are walking barefoot, have taken an interesting trendy spin. You may know Flip-flops as the stated above but you may never have thought It to be a boutique footwear that is microsuede and has flashlights inbuilt. How cool is that? What is even more fascinating, is the fact that these plushie sandals have built-in headlamps that can be detached and used to light the way on the beach for passionate night surfing. 

There are two types of these LED Flip-flops, leather or synthetic finishes, and in case you are wondering just how feasible LED lights on your feet at in the ocean, it gets better. The LED lamps are completely waterproof. 

The Uses of Illuminated Flip flops

Imagine never having to lose sight of your flashlight when stumbling across the beach drunk, why? Cause they are right on your feet. That's just how cool thus footwear is. You can easily go for a drunken pee and not lose your way. Below are highlighted reasons why these illuminated flip flops are a must;

1. These Flip-flops will help you avoid soda cans, littered on the beach as well as broken bottles
2. For lovers of night surfing, this trendy footwear will blow your mind away and definitely make your night surfing a fascinating experience as It lights the path to the ocean. 

3. Not only does it light the way for you at night, it is extremely comfortable for your feet, whether you are attending a summer rock concert or walking on rocky grounds. 

Features of the LED Flip-flops

These mobile disco lights between your toes have some interesting features to take note off. They bring the fierce combination of lights and leather into one awesome beach ready footwear design. Here are some fascinating features of this trendy footwear. 

1. These Flip-flops have a waterproof detachable LED light, that aid in illumination of a trial, patio or path.
2. It has a very soft microfiber with strap linings that intensify your comfort through wicking of the moisture from your feet fast. 
3. The microsuede topsoles on your feet pamper it and contours to your feet for a perfect fit. 
4. The outsoles provide traction, whether on dry sidewalks or very wet rocks

 LED light Flip-flop technical Specifications 

1. Used best for casual occasions 
2. Makes use of leather in the upper layer
3. Its lining uses microfiber synthetic
4. The toe coverage is an open toe. 
5. Uses Slip-on for the footwear closure
6. The top sole is microsuede synthetic 
7. Presence of midsole EVA
8. The Flip-flop uses Spider rubber for the outsole 

Going to see your favorite bands summer concert you would definitely want to get in the trend of illuminated flip flops, as you get to bring the party to your feet, literally. These Flip-flops are definitely the rave of summer, whether it's for a beach party or for that summer concert you've been looking forward too you would definitely rock with this footwear. Another amazing thing about these flipflops is that they are extremely affordable.